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released February 14, 2017

Jacob Norman Newman - tenor guitar and vocals
Miguel Lito Torres - keys and backing vox
Jake McNellis - drums

Recorded, produced, mixed and all of that cool jazz by Matt Molchany at Shards Studio in South Bethlehem.

- - -

"A very big thank you to my friends and family for being there for me and either putting up with or even encouraging music in my life. Special thanks to Will for helping train my ear and teaching me so much about music. Thanks to members of BINKY for reminding me to always experiment with music and let myself get conceptual. Thank you to Billy Mack/CWOL for bringing this band together. Finally, thank you to my family once again and shout out to my mother for that little interlude at the end of Magic People." ~Jacob

"I will thank mommy and my dog Blackmail Starfox and my daughter Anabellie and you guys. That's about it. Also I wished I had 3 money." ~Lito

"B-|" ~Jake



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Delicate Machine Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

I want to make music which feel like a blanket.

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Track Name: softworld
I wanna live in a soft world. Don't be mad at me.
I can swim in a bathtub. Pretend I'm free.
I don't wanna be aching. It's hard to know
But if you're pretending don't let it show.

Could you please call a doctor? I can't myself.
I'm having trouble. Could it be my health?
Do you know if you're happy? I'm not quite sure.
Do you hear me tapping on your cellar door?

Well if you ever thought that you could trust someone else someone else,
Well you're a mess
If you ever thought that you could love, love yourself
Don't regret it
You deserve it
You know you've earned it
Track Name: febreeze
I hope that one day you'll forgive me dad
Cause when ya die, I plan to change my name.
I just don't like the way it feels in my mouth.
It's nothing personal, I ain't got no one to blame.

And I know that one day, you'll forgive me, dad.
Never cared about your own sorts of pain.
And I preemptively thank you for your kindness.
Just don't wanna deal with this today.

And I know that I will grow up a strong man.
Regardless of my own wishes today.
And I can smell, the smells emanating from my carpet.
Don't got no cleaner but I got some Febreeze.

And I can tell you what's wrong with my shoes, dad.
But I don't know what's gotten you today.
But maybe if I don't believe in myself.
I could just take a break from my own head.
Track Name: magic people
Jumping through hoops. Remember where you came from
But it's so hard to tell. It's so hard for you to
Tell you make me happy. You helped me come clean
Even when it hurt to scrub. You taught me that I am good enough.

Magic people are real...

Cancer brought me closer to my family
But maybe that just means that I just didn't care enough
For everybody independent from that anomaly
But who am I to judge? I feel they know that life's hard enough.

Magic people are real...

Honey boy speak to me. Help me to go to sleep.
Honey boy speak to me. Thank you for your peace.

Magic people are real...
Track Name: ♥_♥
What do you think humans are for
Just to make more humans or maybe something more
What if we're just here to make art
Make each other happy and hangout in the dark
In the dreams, I think that's where life can be more than it seems
I find fewer metaphors when I'm awake
Not to say that those experiences are more or less fake

I once had a dream
That I saw the band Florist playing on the beach
They were jamming on a basketball court
And I felt something that I've never felt before
And what was that
Hard to pinpoint exactly but maybe that's not bad
You know that things can go unexplained
Like the feeling of mist when you really needed rain

Send me heart eyes, well you sure know how to get a guy
I've been sitting by my phone but never did I expect to go
Off off off, out of my mind
Well you sure know how to get a guy
Off off off, out of my mind
Well you sure know how to get a guy

Heart eye emojis, well you sure know how to kill me
I've been sitting by my phone but never did I expect to go
Off off off, out of my mind
Well you sure know how to kill a guy
Off off off, out of my mind
Well you sure know how to kill a guy